Suzuki Ecstar GSX-RR 2020

Just finished,

… Tamiya’s Suzuki Ecstar GSX-RR from the 2020 race year.
Rider - and team world champion in MotoGP 2020. Rider Joan Mir (ESP) won the world championship with 7 podiums.

The technical data of the Suzuki GSX-RR:
Dimensions (length/width/height): 2,096/720/1,140 millimeters.
Wheelbase: 1,457 millimeters
Engine: water-cooled in-line four-cylinder four-stroke engine with overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder
Displacement: 1,000 cubic centimeters
Power: more than 169 kW (230 hp)
Top speed: more than 330 km/h
Transmission: cassette gearbox with six gears
Frame: Aluminum profile frame
Tires: 16.5 inch
Suspension: Öhlins front fork, Öhlins rear shock absorber
Brakes: Brembo carbon brake discs front, Brembo steel brake disc rear

The build was challenging, a disaster in places, from peeling paint, to stubborn decals, to mismatched 3D printed parts, and a fresh carbon decal set with breaking decals. Garnished with Number 5 clear coat, which cures by 2K, can be sanded, but not polished with sanding paste.

But now the pictures.


Awesome looking bike. :+1:

Echt spitze, ee!

Looking good! Looks like you used some aftermarket parts on it too.
I have one in the stash to get to someday.

Hi, yes, i used some aftermarket parts.


After seeing photos of the aftermarket sets you used, I purchased some of the Decalcas sets also.

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Nice! I was going to ask about that chain

The chain is very well detailed, it does not get better than this. But, the material is very brittle. To remove the supports is a challenge. When removing, the chain is broken once.