Swedish CB-90



Really nice! Love the color scheme, and is that a Bjorn Borg lookalike behind the steering wheel? Where did you get that from?

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Did you use 3D printed parts from Shapeways? If yes how is the quality? I plan on doing a Riverine Command Boat, but the cost for all the Shapeways parts scares me.

great representation of that fast swedish patrol boat. Clean paintjob at the boat and I especially like the uniforms you did :+1: :face_with_monocle:


Mark :beer:

What a fantastic looking boat in that awesome Swedish camo- you’ve done a stellar job on it. Even the figs have the hard edged camo done brilliantly!

Beautiful work! Every inch of this gorgeous build offers something interesting to look at. I especially appreciate the sharp paintwork on both the boat and the figures. Outstanding!

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Nice looking boat and figures…super job!

The head comes from a Hornet set. The body is a mixture of old Heller and different arms from the spare box.

Really stunningly detailed build - One of my fav Combat craft - Nice touch with the added crew.