Swedish Strv 121

Dear All!

My Strv 121, based on Mengs 1/35 Leopard 2A4 and a Perfect Scale conversion kit. Figures… don´t remember… Marketed as “Swedish AFV crew” but they lack a lot of details commonly found on Swedish AFV uniforms. But they still look ok. Pictures posted before in the old forum under the Leo 2 Campaign run by @BlackWidow. I have added som more dust to the tracks after the picture was taken.

Thanks for watching. Regards Freddy

Edit: pictures taken outside to get a more natural light. Not intended to show a tank in winter environment.


Nice sharp camo. Don’t really know what the crew uniforms should look like but the figures look the part.


As I said before, great finish, Freddy! If you take the turntable aways it looks like an original Strv 121 in the snow in the high north. I like how you painted the crews uniforms. Well done! :+1:

Torsten :beer:

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Thanks Torsten! But I shall take no credit for painting the uniforms, it´s Crossdelta water decals :grimacing:

Very good work

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Beautiful camouflage of Swedish-straight pattern. I like it.
The actual outdoor light gives a natural impression to this great modeling.
Your attension also enough to tanker figures .

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Splendid work, but the uniforms are just… bang, spot on!

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Keep your secret secret. :grin:
Anyway you did a great job on the Leo and the crew. This is the first time I see the correct taillights on a model. I guess this is from the PSM conversion.


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Thanks! Correct, from the PSM conversion kit! /Freddy

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Thanks all! Some things that could have been done another way, but I guess that´s life! Quite happy with the over all outcome. :slight_smile:

Regards Freddy

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I love the contrast between the wintry photo environment (you very obviously live a bit further north than I do :slight_smile:) and the summer-dusty dry-mud look of the Leo! It looks heavy and you really capture the feel of a Swedish Leo!



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