Swiss AMX-13 (Tamiya)

Good afternoon …

My first post here :slight_smile:
It’s my Tamiya AMX-13 with AFV tracks.

I’ve built it as a “L Pz 51” (Leichtpanzer 51 / light tank 51) with several typical modifications such as:

  • different handles on turret
  • cover of the spare wheel
  • number plates
  • antenna mounts
  • spare tracks around turret front
  • modified light guards
  • selfmade frames / brackets for spare tracks on the rear (one of them already damaged, just discovered … :frowning: )
  • modified head- / taillights
  • different attachment of the sledgehammer

I hope you like my small “debut gift” …

Best greetings from Switzerland - Roger

(PS: sorry for the “cheesy” background. I’m no photographer at all …)


Welcome aboard Roger. That is a very nice build. :+1:

Welcome to the madness here Roger @von_Haller. Nice looking AMX13. Is it mostly armour you model ?

Thanks a lot, Gentlemen …
And yes, only tanks / AFVs from the cold war era.

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Very nice rendition of something different; Cold War Armour? You’re amongst friends here!

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Very nice and original version of the AMX13.


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Welcome aboard. Thanks for sharing your build.

It is a good background in that it is not harsh and does not distract from your kit.