Switchblade 300 Drone System from SSR | Armorama™

SSR Models just released photos of their new 3D project... a very interesting offering indeed.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/switchblade-300-drone-system-from-ssr

Yes, this comes as quite a surprise and will REALLY up the firepower of any modern 1/35 figures and vehicles that have it…seriously! :grinning:

The specifications are impressive…5.5 lbs for each Switchblade 300 for a range of 10 KM with a loiter time of 15 minutes. It might not take out a Main Battle Tank, but it sure will take out infantry, softskins, light armor, and bunkers.

Thanks for posting.

Looks like good stuff. Got my order in via FB using PayPal

Swarm video with deploy details during launch U.S. Military Swarm Drones Technology Demonstration - YouTube

If the fates are kind and the Master Box Ukrainian figures are finally
released - the RCR sets will really take off - as will the MB figures no doubt !