Sylly's Mini Models

Hi guys,

If you are looking for some else, please take a look at the site mentioned above.
This guy has some very interesting 3D intems for sale.
I myself bought a conversion set for the M1059a2 Smoke Generator Carrier.
Very well printed and full of details.


Gé Hovens

PS: i have NO commercial interests in this firm !!!

Here’s the link :

This future set for the YPR-765 looks cool

I’m longing to see how the horizontal grating panels will look…


Thanks for the link :+1:
There was a LOT of different M113’s in there, enough for a whole stash :grin:

If you look at the site of Sylly’s Mini Models you will see that he is working on the M150a1 TOW.
This is a M113 with a TOW launcher mounted inside.

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Oh- the pop-up TOW. What a pain in the ass those were! I remember crewing those before we got ITV’s. Thanks for this - I will have to get one when it comes out to add to my “I crewed this” collection.

This is what some of the Sylly´s stuff looks like…


Hi guys, several verslons from the M-113 TOW are now online and van be ordered !