Syrian T-72 finished

My latest model done. It’s the Trumpeter kit with workable tracks.
Feel free to comment.


Great job.
What color did you use?
I just got the Amusing Hobby version.

I used Tamiya paint for all the base colours and Humbrol for details and such.

Well done really like the randomness on the block tiles. The tracks look great too

Which tamiya please.

It’s different shades of dessert yellow toned down with buff. Sorry, but I really can’t be more speciffic, because I never write the colour ratios down. I just paint the shades until I’m happy with the result.

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Man that sure looks the part! Very nicely done!

That is really a beauty, love the bottle… and the chipping!

Thanks, that’s what I do as well

Awesome!!! That one is a show stopper! Congrats!

Looks great, source of the barrel without thermal wrap?

Aber as I recal :thinking:

Great job.