T 14 Armata 1/35

Hey guys, just read article that Armata was in Syria.
Can you recommend model in 1/35. Zvezda, Panda or Takom?

If it’s true i hopes to see one day a photo of T14 in Syria…:sunglasses:
By the way, you didn’t list it but i owns the Trumpeter kit of the T14. A basic kit, i don’t know which kit is the better or more accurate. The slat armour of the Trumpeter one is a bit heavy (i have a PE set for it) but i don’t thinks the other one are better.

I have built the Zvezda and the Takom one. The zvezda is the cheapest, easy to build, nice fit (the nose section is a bit tricky but nothing major). I used generic photoetch mesh for Zvezda kits.

The Takom kit is nice but I like the zvezda more. On the plus side it has the photoetch in the box. The Takom rear deck is different in dimensions and reviews say the Zvezda is the correct rear deck.

A big model once done

Edit, I remembered I had some fit issues with a couple of parts on the Zvezda turret. The Takom turret has far better engineering and fit, easier to assemble than Zvezda.

Thanks! Anyone know how Panda kit is?
I know that tracks are “komplex” to say the least :sunglasses: