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Rye Field Model kit no 5013. Star Decals Egyptian Army decal set. MiniArt figure. Markings are fictional (no decals included in the kit).

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/list/t-34-122-egyptian-army
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That machine looks heavy! What kind of turret is that? Is this something made by russians or it is an egyptian invention? Well done!

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Soviet tank + Soviet gun + local welding
The bottom and part of the front corners of the T-34/85 turret can still be seen




So what they actually did? Did they cut the casted turet, added some spacers/armor, or they add just on top existing cast? I am just curious and interested on how decisions of bulding such kind of bizzare looking tank are made

They must have cut down the turret, it would be impossible to fit that gun on top of a complete T-34 turret

Walkaround photos showing more details

The top right image on page 2 shows the left side of the gun inside the turret,
original turret wall with old lifting hook is visible. Click image to see larger version

I am trully impressed with your knowledge, seriously. This egyptian t-34 with their turret is eye catching!

I just know that Prime Portal can be a gold mine of photos.
The rest is just being able to search with Google.
Try searching for: T-34/122
or add “walkaround” to refine the search
The internet is full of information (in English …)
There was also the T-34/100

and the Syrian T-34-122 (different ways of writing the name, just to make things complicated)
which had the gun on an open platform

Here you can see the size of the gun …

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