T-34 747(r) mit 8.8cm FlaK 36/37 kit 6986 from Dragon

I thought this had been debunked as a myth ages ago… Or is it a myth it was a myth and therefore true?

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A crazy “What If” build if you ask me.

Pretty sure it was recognised as fake photos… ?

I think they’re running out of stuff to market. Why not combine to kits to make one? I’ll bet there are a bunch of extra parts left over on multiple sprues….

Not so much running out of stuff to market, laziness more like. Axis Germany was renowned for arming anything and using it, but there are better options available than this… A Panzer 1b with 5cm Pak, or 3.7cm flak, are just two that come to mind. There is a multitude of others.

Indeed, I remember this photo being outed as fake on Missing Links probably 8 or so years ago, someone found the original photo of a standard T34/76…


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Complete myth, but, there are folks who insist its real.