T-34/76 with Spaced Armor (Tamiya-Border Model Kitbash 1/35)

Hello everyone. I decided to do a kitbash for my next project:

Tamiya T-34/76 with Spaced Armor (from the Border Model T-34E kit). This version supposedly had less than a hundred built.

I know the model diverges from the real thing in a few mode details (wrong hatch, the tank was a Factory 112 production) but I did add the headlight and different MG port to the kit. I put the armor on the Tamiya kit because I decided to show off the workable tracks on the Border Model kit and the armored skirts hide them. Nice to have a model of an unusual vehicle. Got most of my info from the tankarchives article on this vehicle: Tank Archives: Temporary Reinforcement

Thanks for looking.


Interesting kit bash. The results look great. :+1::+1:


Did a wonderful build combining the 2. Looks very good and a nice sympathetic weathering, not over done :+1:


Thanks @Tank_1812 and @Johnnych01 :slight_smile: I really appreciate the kind words.


Excellent idea ! I wish I had it :wink: both Tamiya and Border kits are not 100% accurate but your finished kit provides a very nice representation of this rare “S ekranamie”. And thanks for sharing

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Hi Kunjuro :ok_man:t3: Can I shamelessly plug mine Tried to improve the Border Models T-34 with spaced armor - #11 by ignoramusRex ?

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