T-34/85 Plant 112 Spring 1944 | Armorama™

Here we take a look at another of MiniArt's 1/35th scale T-34/85's.

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I have built quite a few of the Miniart T-34 kits, and they are by far my favs. I am looking forward to when they start taking on the 76mm series.

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What is your opinion of the tracks?

Which T-34 kit manufacturer is your favorite? Please elaborate.

Ist Miniart.
2nd Dragon.
Tied for 3rd RFM and ICM,
I only have the first ICM kit, and I can not find a reference to show the turret exists. RFM, for some reason, gives an opaque headlight and misses some parts that make it look weird. On the positive side, the RFM has the nicest PE for the transmission cover. With a few improvements, RFM can shoot to the top.

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I built a few with their tracks. Not too bad. I now use 3D-printed tracks from Tankraft.

Wait, what? I just checked the instructions on scalemates, and indeed the lens comes from sprue D, so clearly no clear part. That’s strange to say the least.

What details are missing?

I saw there is a set of tracks specifically for the 112 plant from Tankcraft.

The track pin striker plate is missing. It leaves a big weird void. Even the old Dragon T-34 from 1995 has that and a clear headlight. You need to buy an extra RFM detail set if you want the missing fender straps (It still does not have a proper headlight or striker plate in the set).

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@gharker Greg, thank you for your thoughts on the T-34 kits. Where would you rank AFV Club’s T-34/85 in all of that?

Haven’t tried a MiniArt T-34-85 yet. Appreciate the insights. :+1:

FWIW - I finished a RFM T-34-85 #174 & 1990’s era Dragon T-34-85 not too long ago. The Dragon kit was horrible with 120+ sink marks in the road wheels, one between each spoke…total rubbish. Tracks didn’t really make the grade either. Checked four other kits of the same era and all had the same wheel problems. After replacing the wheels & tracks with aftermarket was an OK kit for the era definitely better than Tamiya’s late 1980’s T-34-85.

Found the much newer RFM T-34-85 #174 to be molded to a far higher quality standard ie it didn’t have any sink marks. Head light was goofy as you mentioned and really hated the link & length tracks, replaced them with individual link. PE was first rate. Well worth the ~$28 paid for it on sale etc.

Cheers :beers:

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