T-34 in Ukraine

Not sure if anyone else has noticed but while watching news video of the devastation in Ukraine I’ve noticed wrecked T-34 tanks. One video showed only a turret, possibly 1942 version and also a T-34/85. Obviously these were on display as the T-34/85 was on a concrete slab.

Pro Russian forces apparently got one going back in 2015

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That looks similar to the one I saw in Mariupol.
Not sure what region the video was shot in.

did it have a dead T72 lying nearby? if it did i think it was on an army base near the Polish border.

The one in Mariupol

One in Volnovakha (south eastern Ukraine)

There was another in some liberated town which had been damaged in the fighting,
haven’t found that image yet …

Edit: I was thinking about the T-34 monument in Trostyanets

Screen capture from a YouTube video, there are better videos/images out there
but this gives you some idea about the beating handed out to that old T-34 and
the monument foundation …
Could be a diorama idea …


I still get a kick out of the farmers towing trophies with their tractors. A diorama perhaps? Oh and btw NEVER buy Chinese truck tires!