T-34A Mentor, Philippine Air Force (Academy 1/48 kit)

Hey folks, would like to share something different from what I usually build:

This is my work on a Philippine Air Force (PAF) T-34A Mentor Trainer Aircraft - kit is the Minicraft/Academy T-34A/B, decals are from odyssey 3D prints. This was one of the war reparations my country received from the Japanese in the late 1960s - early 1970s. I was told by older modelers that one of the founding members of the IPMS chapter in the Philippines, Bert Anido - a PAF reserve pilot, flew one of these (the tail acronym RATSS was for - Reserve Airlift Tactical Support Squadron). Nice to have a bit of history along with the model. Thanks for looking.


Very nice

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Thank you :slight_smile: