T-35 Before 1938

Hi All I present the las model that I finished, I hope you like it
Hobby Boss number 83842, in scale 1/35

T35 - Before 1938 (1)

T35 - Before 1938 (4)

T35 - Before 1938 (15)

Regards, Omar


Nicely done, including the figures. Nice base too!

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@nahuel19431- Omar,

This is quite a build you put together. Outstanding pictures, I like the low angle ones they convey just how large a vehicle this was. The crew figures help to give it a sense of scale. You’ve captured the color and weathering. Nice job on the base too.

I have this kit in the stash and your build is inspirational, Hope mine comes out half as good as yours is. Thanks for posting and sharing your work, here’s hoping to see more!

~ Eddy :tophat:

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Nice! Heading west to berlin!

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Thanks guys for the comments, with a little battery you can get a good result, to have faith.

Nice job! I have a couple of these in my stash, both the Hobby Boss and the old ICM kit.

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Could you tell me what paint and color you used for this?



Hi Brian
I used this color:

Regards, Omar

Thanks Omar. Did you fade it or apply a matte coat to it? It looks very realistic.

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Land Battleship! I also have one of these in the stash (although I think it’s a different maker) and maybe it’s time to get it out. Yours is very inspirational and really looks the part. You figures look very good also. Did they come with the kit?


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I gave lights and shadows with oil paints, this system matt that color
Regards, Omar

Hi C, the figures are Tamiya, only the figure in the main turret, it was changed its the head.