T-50 Light tank scratch build

Can we see the T-50 moving anywhere? Are the others also motorised?

The T-50 is motorised but does not move until I deal with the electricals needed. Hopefully within a few weeks. I have to wait for some bits.

The others are motorised and have moved at one time or another. Months ago I changed my transmitter - a Turnigy 9x - to another type of network or something. Which necessitated new recievers. And I only bought a couple of them and still havent switched over all the models.

There are some videos of some of them actually moving on youtube under LarsPoster. Not many though.

“I noticed in one of your pictures in another build a stug III/IV, do you have a buildthread of that too somewhere?”

That wa sthe first tank I built and an entire thread was featured on a certain rc tank forum. Then a few years ago a moderator decided to be peevish and deleted that thread and a few others. Including every photo I had of that process. So I left . It still rankles a bit.

“Do you paint these eventually or keep them bare metal ?”

Some, like these, are painted in a coat of gun metal or metallic paint. If the finish on the tank is OK… then they get left in the raw.

Soldering and so on can tarnish the metal badly and while it is possible to clean them up and polish them, its not much fun and I am not very clever at it. Its difficult if there are headlights and bits and pieces and those little steel brushes on Dremels tend to throw bristles around like a dog shedding.

So I usually paint them. Stops finger prints if nothing else.

I would like to be a good painter with weathering and so on but I am not and that just the way it is…



Hi Lars,

What a stupid thing to do to delete buildthreads, I assume it was like this thread so absolutely top of scratch building. I understand you still feel not “happy” about it.

I will check youtube for your videos.

edit: Lars, I absolutely love your dog :smiley:


Amazing thread. Impressed by your skill.