T-54 fender questions

I am building the Miniart T-54-3 and I am working on the loaders side fender. They are three conical shaped things in the fender, they don’t appear in the instructions anywhere, no part attaches to them, and they don’t show up in the rendering in the front of the instructions. I am thinking they are probably for a different variant, and think they may need to be removed but was curious if anyone knows before I remove them if they are supposed to be there or not

I’m studying T-54 variants, well, as much as I can through the mini-art instructions. In their instructions for the T-54A (37017) the instructions call for removing them. In their instructions for the T-54B (37019) they position a part M11 on them with a note that it is for night operating mode only. Hope this helps…

Cheers. Wondering if it is only for the B variant then. They don’t call to remove them in the -3 instructions but they are missing from everywhere I can see them in the instructions and from the renderings. I’ll study the other variant instructions.

Thanks for the info

It’s the storage location for the cover of the Luna IR light fitted to the T-54B (the searchlight mounted next to the main gun). When the light is in use, the metal cover is removed and bolted to the three ‘lugs’ on the fender.

If your T-54 doesn’t have the Luna system (pre-T-54B), I doubt you’d see the lugs on the fender.

Fantastic thanks a bunch. Off they go then. Probably just a generic fender for the T-54-3, A and B.