T-54 number of track links?

Anyone finish a T-54 build recently and recall how many tracks they had on each side? The Miniart instructions call for 90 per side but the kit only comes with 150

On the Takom T-55, it was 92 per side.

I’m an idiot lol, I counted wrong, kit comes with 190 so 92 per side should leave 4 extras with the 2 for the fender

Looks like Miniart instructions are similar in their call out to 90 then

I had a couple more questions about T-54 tracks.

  1. which way do they face? Instructions are vague on the subject. Based on some research I’ve labeled what I think are front and back of the track if you are looking at the tank from below.

  1. how much sag should I add? I’ve seen some representations where the tracks has somewhat sharp angles at the idler and sprocket, and some with a gentle sag from idler to middle road wheels.