T-55 rear Fuel Drums

Anyone know of a supplier/mfg/resin molder/3D printer who produces one pieceT-55 fuel drums for the rear I have very little luck with removing the seams, they never look right to me, so looking to find a source for some that dont require all the filling and sanding


You may not need to bother; this cropped up a while ago on this site and I think the attached pics are the ones displayed at the time in discussion. It came a s a huge relief to me - I still sand them down a bit but if they do show I no longer worry about it. See below:

If you insist on resin fuel drums then Panzer Art make some although they are meant to be WW2 ones, although I imagine the type hasn’t changed that much and they may be appropriate.

'Hope this helps.

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It sure does thanks

thank you didnt come up when I searched ebay

Glad to help

That’s an elegant solution. Add an extremely thin piece of stretched sprue on one seam to represent the weld. That way it doesn’t look like a missed seam. If angled just right, you should even have to worry about the seam on the opposite side. (there would only be one weld)

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Or, just hide them(!)


Yeah, but the heads don’t have seams and those on the rolling rings aren’t likely to line up exactly with the seam on the drum. There’s also the problem when the drum halves meet with a step.

Unfortunately, despite many attempts over the years to rationalize or hide mold and joint seams on models, none of the ideas ever really work. Real manufacturings seams juat don’t look like scale model seams. If you have built some models you know where model seams are likely to be and what they look like, and trying to pass them off as real seams or hiding them with mud or stowage stands out like unpainted plastic. If you are aware enough of the problem to seek an aftermarket solution it’s probably worth developing skills to remedy it, or resign yourself to being a regular aftermarket customer.