T-55 Tora Bora

Another kit that I finally finished during my COVID isolation.
You can search the internet for the images that inspired me to build this,here are a few at Getty.

What I liked about this vehicle was that it was like a mobile home for the Anti Taliban fighters. The DShK was replaced by the 14.5 KPVT machine gun mounted on the turret and a spare stowed in the front of the bow along with firewood, potatoes and anything else that might come in handy. On some tanks (T-62’s included) you can see onions stored to keep dry on the rear turret.
I hope you enjoy it.


Nice, whose kit is it?

Dan, it is the old Tamya kit with lots of Aber brass, resin tracks, Aber barrel, Meng KPTV and scratch building. Thanks for the comment.


I really like your Tamiya T-55A, William!

Great looking tank, well poised and the onions :chestnut: are a fantastic detail! All of the hards work and aftermarket paid off!


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Armor_Buff, kind of you to say and an A plus plus that’s excellent. I enjoyed making the onions and potatoes, you’ve got to have your veggies with all that armour.


Very nice!

Bryan, thanks very much.

Very dynamic static scene that looks totally photo-realistic.

Wow, this is one of the best representations of a T-55 in the Afghanistan conflict that I’ve ever seen. The addition of the onions and potatoes was a clever way to signify a human presence on am old MBT.

A sure winner—lots of kudos to you! :smile:

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Trisaw that is generous praise thank you very much, I am glad you like it.


Great model with a lot of details to discover all over.
Did you modify the side bins latches ? It looks like they are working.


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Oliver, thank you. These T-55 Aber brass sheets are designed so they actually work, or rather they can be positioned open or closed.

I used solder to build up all the Aber Brass, I have never seen any other brass this complex other than perhaps the Voyageur brass slat armour for the Stryker.
Thanks for looking closely ;o)