T-55 users

Hi all

Don’t know why when I have so many kits to build already, but was looking through the stash the other day noting what I don’t have - given how many have been produced of the subject title.
I do have A single T-55 in the pile which I would like to do as a USSR tank - the Trumpeter Mod 1958 kit. I have read it may not be suitable as a Soviet built machine, more likely Polish or Czech. If so, what are the more noticeable differences between the 3 country’s production of this tank? Is it relatively easy to locate a/m bits to bring this kit’s accuracy up according to the country of production?

Also I’ve always been interested in it’s use in foreign service - Africa & the Arab Wars. Is there a reasonably definitive guide as to which country used Soviet, Polish or Czech built tanks? I read through the relevant section on wiki & it seems pretty vague.


I would start with the countries who DID NOT use the T-55…it would be a much shorter list! :rofl:


Whilst on the subject & fresh in my mind…does anyone have a link to where the “how to model…” guides for various Soviet tanks that used to be in the Russian forum on the old armorama site?

Yea, that would be nice!
And @vettejack you are right, that would be a very short list!

I think Wikipedia has a list of T55 user and major variants, i.e. Czech, Polish, etc. Not sure if the list list the exact type used by each country but it would be a good starting point.

Some are listed by sub-type; most are just T-54 or T-55. But they do list at least most of the sub-types, they also cover current and former users: T-54/T-55 operators and variants - Wikipedia


Thanks for the clarification. It’s been awhile since I actually checked it. Should give him a good starting point.