T-55 with Wading Snorkel

Another Tamiya 1/48 scale T-55. I wanted to build a T-55 with a deep wading snorkel and waterproofing kit. The snorkel I used is the training version that allows the tank crew to exit the vehicle more easily if it stalls underwater. The combat snorkel is much narrower and the crew would have to using breathing apparatus to exit the tank through the crew hatches if it stalled.

My snorkel is scratchbuilt, as are the waterproofing additions to the exhaust port and the engine deck.




Very nice scratch-building! :sweat_drops:


Very cool, that’s something you don’t see every day

The tow cables are heavy and they would keep the ropes holding them taunt. Very interesting subject. I do not see others making the river crossing version. kudos on the scratch building.

Very nice indeed John! I’ve always wanted to do one of these - albeit in 1:35 - but have always chickened out.

Sheer 1:48 inspiration!

I would have said the same. Other than that detail your build is excellent and very original.

Thanks for the kind comments.

Yeah - the cables.

I have tried consistently to get them to ‘hang’ correctly but they don’t want to play the game. Both the towing cables and the ropes they hang from are made from flaxible copper wire - really good for replicating cables but an absolutely PITA for getting them straight and true. I keep meaning to have another go at sorting them out.


Very nice! And a really interesting display… Thanks for sharing it!

Top notch work John! Great creativity.

You’ve inspired me to do something with the Panzershop T-72 underwater driving snorkel conversion I’ve had for years.

The red and white floats for the tow cable recovery lines are an excellent accurate detail.

I built a Bundeswehr Leopard 1A1A4 with the conning tower and underwater driving set up. It gives a tank a very unique look.

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John your work is outstanding!