T-62 in Chechen crisis

Ok, jump forward in time and crises, in this case the crisis in Chechnya. As a habit of this last period I’m recovering old kits built when I was younger and this time it’s an old Tamiya T-62 builted
about 32 years ago which I have now given new life to. In this case I didn’t copy a photo but I was inspired by them, I added on the turret the part of tracks taken from the original kit and in their place I’ve mounted a link by link set, I also added the bar armor to the sides of the hull as verified by the photos. I’m preparing a base to which I will add a couple of modified figures to give some life to the scene, so nothing particularly spectacular. Sorry for the quality of the photos, taken with a mix of daylight and lamp light, not a particularly good result


Nicely done. Like the ad-hoc track applique armor added to the turret.

That’s a great way to re-fresh an old model. You’ve certainly made an interesting piece- I particularly like the rubble on various horizontal surfaces.

Hi all, ok, lack only the antenna on the turret but the scene is over.