T-64 drive sprocket in 1/35 available

Hello all,

does anybody of you know, if there is an aftermarket T-64 drive sprocket available? Need a replacement.

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I should think Miniarm - if anyone - is your best bet; I know they do some suspension stuff for the T-72 series but am unsure re T-64. Give them a Google and you’ll find out I’m sure.

I couldn’t leave this alone and found this site (with no stock but at least identifies a manufacturer):

Update set Tracks and Drive Sprockets for Soviet Main Battle Tank T-64 A/B/BV/BM2/U Olimp Resin Accessories -35-01 (super-hobby.co.uk)

Try master club maybe ?

For a Trumpeter kit ? Another option would be to order the kit sprue.

Yes, for a Trumpeter kit. But somehow I have no luck with Trumpeters spare parts service, as they never reply on my mails.