T-64BM Bulat Conversion

This project has been in the pile of unfinished business for almost 6 years. I finally managed to finish the assembly. And here is the explanation:

I had ordered the Miniarm conversion set almost as soon as it was released and at least a couple of years before Trumpeter released this subject in kit form. The conversion set was advertised as suitable for any Trumperter kit but this is not the case. The optimal kit to be used is kit no5521 T-64B mod 1984. It includes all the details necessary for the Bulat version.

At first I had the T-64B mod 1975 kit. That kit does not include necessary details both for the turret and the hull. I found that out as soon as I received the Miniarm Conversion set and started looking the details of the build. So I had to get myself another kit.

Next issue was that the instructions from miniarm are not the best to work with, especially for the turret assembly and details. By checking reference photos I managed to do most of the assembly. Reminder that most of the assembly was done before Trumpeter released their kit.

The nest dissapointment were the sideskirts, which are too long for proper fit to the hull (3-4 mm) and cannot be easily modified to fit the length of the fenders because of the various details and mounting points. The left side is easier to bring to an acceptable fit, but the right side is even harder to conform.

The final nail in the coffin that made me almost give up on this build is that miniarm had included two left front sideskirt parts. After some unsuccessful efforts to contact them I put the mostly assembled kit in the box until a couple of days ago, when I decided to reshape the side skirts and finish the detailing. Unfortynately some details on the right sideskirt are completely off in position and this along with some missing details on the turret (3-4 ERA bricks at the rear mainly) are making me name this build as a model of some prototype. :wink: :wink:

The Trumpeter Bulat instructions were of great help and if anyone is planning on this same project should download them and use them in every step (although I strongly advise you to sell your Miniarm conversion and get the Trumpeter kit).

A thing that both Trumpeter and Miniarm got wrong are the extra fuel tanks/barrels on the engine deck. I have not found a single photo of a real example with them on.

And the miniarm instructions, notice the incorrect positioning of the snorkel at the back of the turret.

I am planning to paint this in green and use white numerals and markings, something similar to the following photo


Well done

Nice update and looks the part. A job well done :+1:

Looking good. Great subject. Makes me want to get started on mine.

Awesome looking upgrades you’ve got on this- looking forward to seeing some paint on it.