T-72 in Ukraine question

Hi Guys,do you know if Russians use t-72 “Rogatka” in this conflict?

Pick anything you fancy from this list:

It is a long list …

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Thanks guys. I think I will stick to the BMP-2. The T-72s shown all look to be more advanced/modern/updated than what I have.

This just got added to my list of projects! :grin:

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I’d like to see that! I’ve been having thoughts on it myself. Not sure I want to fill the whole thing with clear resin. Too many cats in the house. It would be a shame to keep them outside for a whole day while it cures. Thinking more along the lines of plexiglass with a hole drilled through it at an angle for the barrel, then filled in around the edges with clear resin
I did a pond like that for a Connelly Cup back in the early 80’s (no tank, just the “fresh water” source for the spoon platoon) and it looked great.

Here’s an odd duck


I like the “Dazed & Confused” happy face on the barrel and IR spot light cover. That’s another late model A with the anti radiation cladding.

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Ah, you like submarines!

I keep thinking about that scene in Risky Business where the cop asks, “OK. Who’s the U-boat commander?” :sunglasses:

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