T-72 in Ukraine question

I have a Tamiya T-72 M1 hull, Blast T-72A/M1 turret, and Verlinden T-72 M1 detail set that include an engine, open stowage boxes, etc. that I was originally going to make a destroyed Iraqi T-72 out of. My question, can this be the base for a Russian T-72 in Ukraine, or is it too old? I think it probably would need ERA blocks added, but I can get those. Thoughts?

I know I have photo’s of the T72’s from Frenchy without ERA blocks.

See my reply to a similar question over on the dark side.

I agree that is a great way to display it (all blown apart), but I am thinking of having it being pulled by the Ukrainian Tractor Corps, so I want it pretty much intact. I am asking if it is a type still used in Ukraine by Russia with the turret and hull types?

Pretty much the B3 as I understand it.

Are you saying what I have is pretty much a B3, or I would need to get a B3 to portray what is being used in Ukraine? I am not a T72 expert at all.

You need a B3 configuration. A whole new animal.

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Thanks. That is what I was thinking. Oh well, back to the Trumpeter BMP-2 behind the tractor, whether it is current or not.

They’re using the BMP-2 there still. BMD’s are for the airborne units only.

Well Ukraine is apparently getting T-72M1s from some of the former WarPact nations (I think Czech & Polish machines at the moment), so a hypothetical Ukrainian machine would work…


I think I saw pics of a few B1s in the flood of knocked out/abandoned :ru: T-72s….

I don’t think that I’ve seen that early of a T72 in photos yet but have seen a T72AV like Amusing Hobby makes.
The most common tanks seems to be a B3 as have been said.

The T-72A and T-72M1 are nearly identical visually, the main differences being internal. A few T-72As, with and without Kontakt-1 ERA have turned up in photos so far in Ukraine. So yeah, you could use the M1 kit to represent an A and model it as in use there.

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Doesn’t the A have anti radiation liners? The Ms do not.

Originally no, it wasn’t until ‘83 or so that the late production A’s started having the anti radiation liners installed. Some of the older A’s had them retrofitted in rebuild.

Yes lots of B3s

These are the variety of T 72 I have seen so far.

I thought I read once that the Iraq T72’s used the early style turret while they completely redesigned it for what we are seeing now. I remember them having one at the Gen. Patton display at Ft. Knox and it really looked nothing like what we are seeing today. Yet it maybe close enough with all that ERA hanging on it. It reminded me of the old M46 tank in shape

With all the rebuilds that Russia did (does) on the T72 hull, it would seem that there would be all sorts of equipment to select from.

On a semi-related topic…



This one is a T-72A. The smoke mortars on the frontal arc of the turret are a recognition feature. The original T-72 Ural had no smoke mortars, but did have a grab rail installed in that area. The T-72B and T-72AV moved the smoke mortars to the turret left side around the 9 o’clock position in a single grouping of 8, to clear the front for the ERA bricks or tiles.

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