T-72 Ural - Trumpeter or Amusing Hobby?

Since years I hoped for a T-72 ‘very early’, now there are even two.
Who has experience about both T-72-lines, Trumpy and Amusing?
Any general comparing somewhere?
What’s about the special Ural version of both?


I just built the Amusing T-72 Ural. I was impressed by the kit. I don’t have the Trumpeter Ural, but have built other Trumpeter T-72’s. I would go Amusing over Trumpeter when possible going forward. Plus the Amusing kit is cheaper and has a complete interior. Nothing wrong with the Trumpeter kits, except I think they are overpriced across the board.

Interestingly the prices are the other way around here. The Trumpeter is cheaper, the relation is 5.5 for Trumpy. 7.5 for Amusing (incl. interior).


I have the Trumpeter Ural and the Amusing Hobby T-72M (boxed as Das Werk).

Trumpeter is highly detailed but overly complicated to me in general.

Amusing is easier to build (~Meng) but detail is softer in some areas compared to Trumpeter. Working suspension and tracks are a big plus.



you can get the AM T72 for 30% off at Spru Brothers right now

Only thing I can find is the Trumpeter. Maybe they sold out?

they may not be running that sale right now as I saw it over the weekend. I’ll check in a few minutes

Hey I have just finished the Trumpeter T-72 Ural, I have build 2 different turrets for this model, the one from the kit, and the SP designs Syrian turret with TURMS-T fire control system No. 362. I have the Amusing version in my stash, and will build itn soon. I better like the Amusing version, Trumpeter like Etch parts funny places, and have a lot of parts.
Here are some photo of my model.
Best regards Kjeld`


And the TURMS version: