T 80 track question

Does the T80 use T90 track , T 72 track or its own type of track? I want to get some workable track for my T 80 and Trumpeter has workable T 72 and T 90 track.

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Greg, Trumpeter do make a dedicated T-80 track:


I’ve used them on my T-80 project - on an ancient Dragon kit - and they are very easy to use and look just fine.


short answer yes as long as the T-80 has a 12 tooth sprocket but there are T80 tracks; as mentioned the Trumpeter which are good
RPG Model 1/35 Activity Track for T-80, T-90 Family 35015 very good
and these two are metal
Master Club 1/35 Tracks for T-80, 2C19 Msta MTL-35050
Friulmodel T-80 Metal Track ATL-129
the Friulmodel are excellent

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I want workable track as it is easier for me to install when all is done. I have preferred Fruils in the past but the QC is shifting. I now see some flash and have to predrill when in the past I didn’t have to. I haven’t tried the trumpeter workable track yet. I have some T 64 track on order. I want track that is well detailed, goes together easily and stays together when assembled. I was assuming that trumpeter track would correctly fit the same model kit (I have been snookered before).

Friends of mine at our last club meeting rave about Master club metal tracks; I do know they are more expensive than most I believe.

Master Club is expensive, but they were still around the Friul price. Though, they are from Russia, which makes it more expensive for obvious reason in the present.

Has anyone considered San Xin metal tracks?

These are T-72 tracks that fit the Tamiya T-72M

Never heard of them. They look nice.
Not sure if it was already mentioned but how about T-Rex studio ?

Are they workable?

Yes but I’m not sure if all their sets are. The Tiger set I looked up says they’re workable but again not sure if all sets are , and not sure if they have T-80 tracks.

Checking their website again and looks like they have everything but the T-80 tracks. They have the T-54,55,62,72 and 90 but I don’t see T-80 tracks.

The Trumpeter set are workable I just don’t know how detailed they are and how easy they go together.

Sprue brothers carry them. I will check on it.

Guys, honestly trust me! Go for the Trumpeter ones; I’m pretty sure they’re click together or I don’t think I’d have used them. Anyway,as I said at the beginning of this, I’ve used them to improve an ancient Dragon kit. Here’s the best I could do pic-wise today (it got a little late and I lost natural light):

'Hope this helps.


The Trumpeter set have end connectors and you glue in the center guide teeth. Not hard, just time consuming to nip the small end connectors off. They are “workable”. I am putting a set together for the xact scale T80. Some of the end connectors are a bit loose so work on a table and floor with no carpet monster.

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You’re right Bret - not click together - I must have confused them with the T-64 ones. The end connectors were quite a good fit and simple enough even for me (I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with separate tracks). Cementing in the centre guides was a bit of a faff but as I say, all seemed to go well enough.