T-80bvm in the Russia-Ukraine war

Want to be sharp


I like the tank very much, the weathering is amazing!

But I don’t know of Russia-Uzbekistan war?


Input error, has been corrected. haw-haw

Welcome to the forums and a great entry post with a great looking T80. fantastic finish and weathering, looks superb. What kit is it ? and any extras or OOtB ?

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a fantastic build, excellent weathering and i love the snow effects.

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If you wanted to post a few images in here that would be great. Its a thread just for built kits showing Veh from the current war in Ukraine from all sides.

Built kits of all Vehicles from the current Ukraine War

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Fantastic T-80! The weathering and overall finish superb. Let’s hope we see more of your builds!

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Brilliant looking tank with a superb, dirty and worn finish. You’ve really gone to town on making it dirty and the snow here and there is a great addition too.

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Exceptional model of the T-80BVM. As realistic as it gets. I would be interested in hearing more about the build and what was used to create it. Well Done.

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