T-80BVM Trumpeter 1/35

Plans have changed and I decided to give up on abrams and start building in my opinion more interesting project T-80BVM. I want to make a version from 2023 with additional era armor on side skirts. Miniarm has conversion set to do this but unfortunately in Europe it is going to be available only in December in Slovakia but I don’t live there so it’s not confirmed that my t-80bvm will be 2023 version. I’m also adding some pe parts


The wheels are completed also started making the hull


I have one in my stash so I will be following your build.

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Interesting tank!

What Abrams and what’s wrong with it?

There is nothing wrong with abrams, the sepv2 kit from academy is absolutely wonderful but when I saw t-80bvm mod 2023 it seemed to be more interesting than abrams. But I am definately going to finish abrams as soon as I finish this t-80

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I also have one in the stash so I’ll be following along too.

I decided to watch again the video on yt about t-80bvm model 2023 I noticed that all the optics of the tank are the same as in t-80bv model, no sosna-u and the spare sight is more forward. The same situation you can see on the second photo, all the optics are left from the t-80bv without upgrading. Some t-80bvm mod 2023 uses similar gunner optics like t-90m with electric door (last photo), I believe it is either sosna-u or pnm-t. So typical Russia, struggling even with upgrading one of the most important feature-optics…

Small update, I my have made a littler mistake with the optics, it can be t-80bv gunner sight but some sources claims it can also be 1PN96MT-01 which is still worse than sosna-u. So we still get modernization with downgrades

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Couple things I found with this excellent kit:

  1. The trumpeter T-80BV/BVM upper glacis plate around the driver hatch is wrong, it should be like the T-80U with the “bulges” next to the drivers hatch showing that the extra integrated glacis armor is present. Does miniart update fix this? There is also an inexpensive resin fix from SP designs, which replaces the entire trumpeter piece, I have it and it fits perfect.
  2. The tracks have a mirrored tread pattern that, while not obvious unless you’re really looking, is incorrect. My solution is to just fill with ‘mud’.
    Hope that helps.

The wheels are finally completed. I will say something about quality of this kit- it’s horrible, lines on every part, thickening on the edges, plastic is hard and very fragile.


Unfortunately I need to announce that I need to stop building this kit (maybe not forever and it is likely I’ll continue in the future) due to manufacturing defects the model has.

It’s curious how two modellers have completely opposite views on a kit :slight_smile: