T-80U of Trumpeter: problem with the hull

I am currently building the T-80U of Trumpeter , kit 09525.
I’ve noted a difference in the look of the lower rear part of the hull between the piece and how it is drawn on the instructions sheet.
The instruction sheet show it as ending with a central squared part, and two recesses aside it, between it and the extension for the trasmission to the sprockets.
The part included in my kit has the central squared part much larger, extended up to the fairings of the trasmission to the sprockets, and no recesses between them.
Inside of the hull piece, I can read T-80B 05565-12055226.
For what I see, the same thing is true for all kits 09525.
What is wrong, the kit part or the drawing of the instructions sheet?




Prime Portal walkaround


Yes, this is the difference. I wonder which one is right.

Compare the last image in my previous post with the plastic in your kit (I was editing while you were replying to my post).
I think the plastic is correct and the assembly diagram is confused but
you need to judge for yourself.
Lots and lots of useful (AMS inducing) images here:

Thank you. The photo looks compatible with the plastic, but I have to check for another perspective to be sure.
Another problem:
the exhaust area of the kit is fully opened in its lower part. I suppose that it should be closed by an oblique floor to create an oblique duct that covers a rectangular outlet on the rear plate of the hull.
I’ll look for images from below.

Other photos of the walkaround seems to confirm these conclusions, adding some details.
It’s interesting to note the difference of colors of the camouflage between the earlier layer and the latest one, the original green was as expected for a Soviet tank, the repainting of it seems a sort of khaki.
Very good link, thank you.