T-80U: Xact or RPG


recently, I visited a hobby shop who offers the same 1/35T-80U kit, but from Xact Scale Models and RPG. since both kits have similar price, I want some advise about wich one are the best. More than “exact accuracy” (I´m not so rivet counter :smiley: ) I search easy of assembly, options and general fiting.

Hope someone can give advise.

Best regards.

I cannot speak to the RPG kit, I am slowly working on the Xact kit. It is well done-IMHO- the turret is a kit in itself and there are lots of add ons the Russians put on the tank so several small sub assemblies and details to work thru. But the kit looks the business. My main “complaint” is the tracks- they are rubber band- not actually all that bad but a bit soft on details. I have the Trumpeter set which are tedious but do look a bit better. They have some assembly issues and small bits that the carpet monster loves.

Built the Xact kit recently. Some errors but it builds up nice enough.


Looks great

Interesting. I thought Xact one was OOP. I feel like it’s just a toss-up. I’ve read that RPG one is great: Ausgepackt.

I think it is. I had mine in the stash for a while before I got it out and started working on it.

The RPG kit have good workables tracks and some PE. The Xact kit have a too short barrel and vinyl tracks.
I have both kit and Trumpeter T80UK. From in the box quick review i did, i thinks the RPG kit is the better but it’s my personnal views.

really nice paint job! I’ll be looking for that kit

i prefer the rpg kit tbh. I dont have it infront of me but i know when i compared the rpg kit had less flaws and has the extended brod-m wading trunk and better side skirts, fenders whereas the xact does not. in any event i wish you luck, both are nice kits.