T-90A Tank Engine and Engine Compartment Paint Colors?

Hi All,
I’m working my 1/35 Meng T-90A tank, and I’ve completed the engine (except for the photo-etch panels that are supposed to go on the top and sides of the engine, as it seems like attaching those before painting would make detailing much more difficult). I’m planning to leave the engine compartment hatch available to open (not glued). I won’t leave the hatch off during normal display in my cabinet, but I think it would be nice to be able to open the compartment if I feel like it. Does anyone have any idea of what the engine and components of the engine, as well as the overall engine compartment, should be painted? I’ve seen the Meng site, and clearly, the colors they show for the engine are stylized, silver grey and bright blue. Or perhaps that are accurate colors, just not weathered. What color would those P-E panels be? What about the compartment walls and floor? One of the extra items in the compartment is shown with a red top on the Meng site. Is that accurate? Any help at all would be great, even if it’s not based on real T-90A knowledge, just a decent educated guess would be good. I’m just not knowledgeable at all about what a Russian engine and compartment would look like. Oh…also, any thoughts on the inside of the hatch color would be great, too! Thanks in advance!

Information on our good old site…

Armorama :: T-90 Engine colour? (kitmaker.net)

Here’s another of the V92-S2 engine :

More pics HERE


Oh wow, hadn’t even thought of looking there. My apologies, but my thanks also! Frenchy…thanks to you as well!

Just a guess. As the T-90 is closely related to the T-72, maybe an empty T-72UA1 engine compartment may help, at least with the colors used ?