T-Model 1/72 M1114

I am building this little gem OOB. I was having trouble with the PE breaking off. Is the Ultra Glue for Etch for Ammo Mig better than regular super glue? The other thing is the tires assembly. There are a lot of filling and sanding. Overall, part fit is 9/10.


Painted the model. Since I am not sure whether to leave the doors open, I weathered the inside. It is a good practice exercise and if I screwed up, I will have the doors closed :smiling_face:.

Next to weather the exterior next.


It’s a nice little kit…a little complicated, but really well detailed. And you can’t vary from the kit instructions otherwise you could run into fit problems in later stages :rage:
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You are absolutely right. Have you built one Leo? Would like to see some pictures if you don’t mind sharing.

Started working on a base to display the model. A simple one with building façade in the background. I am using foamboard from Dollar store. The middle house was coated with Liquitex ceramic stucco, while the left and right houses were coated with Liquitex modeling compound.

Tried painting some digital camo using figures from the Caesar modern tank crew set . To say it is a challenge, it would be an under statement. I think I am over my head on this one. Here is my cruel attempt. Still need to dust them up.


I notice your kit has the rack for communication and computer. Does that come with that version? Here’s mine…super-grungy!

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My kit part number is TK 7315. It comes with extra PE, communication equipment and the monitor.

Your Humvee is looking good. It is not easy to make a tan vehicle look dusty. What bedrolls are you using on the back hood?

Most of, if not all, the stowage is from: Value Gear Details - 1/72 Universal/Generic Stowage Sets!
The stowage is mainly generic, but it is well detailed, and it is CHEAP! :+1:
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Good to know Leo and thanks for the link.

The model received a matt varnish. Once cured, I will do the final weathering, dusting.

Back to more base and figures painting.

Nice neat job! And you got a realistic camo pattern in small scale! Did you thin your paints, use very low pressure, and spray at a close distance?
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Sorry I’m late replying, maybe it can be useful for others or yourself for a future kit.

Ultraglue is not as strong as CA, no doubt. However, it is slightly more flexible and has other advantages, in my opinion:

  • it takes longer to cure, allowing to position the parts precisely
  • the excess can be cleaned with water before it cures
  • it does not fog transparent parts
  • Even after fully cured, it can be removed with a tooth pick leaving no marks
  • the jar lasts MUCH longer than CA (at least for me, the CA tubes are dry after two or three weeks at most)

I use it for 98% of my photoetch and resin, there are very few cases where I need CA.

@Biggles50, I did thin the paint a bit more and airbrush at around 12PSI and sprayed at close distance, 10mm to 15mm away from the model . However, I still got some overspray. I went back and touched up with the appropriate colors using the airbrush. Next, I used a brush to outline the border of each color and carefully blended the edges.

@varanusk , thanks so much for sharing your experience with the product. I will try to order one next time.

Progress I made on the base.

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More progress on the base.

I think I make the PVC drain pipe too big. Scratch built the A/C unit, not 100% accurate. Next would be to add some oil stains, accessories, well more like garages and wastes. Anyone care to recommend a good set of 1/72 modern oil/fuel drum?

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It is finished. I have great fun working on this little vignette. I got to tried out different weathering techniques. I am sure a lot of things could have been done better, especially in figure painting area. I hope I can produce a higher standard diorama for my next project.


Very nice. I really like small 1/72 scale dioramas.

Collin, it looks great. You did a good job with the wheels, they are tough and a lot of work to get right. T Model have since released resin versions to make things easier. Also like your paint job.

I found some of the etch quite tricky, and at that stage I was still labouring with cheap CA glue, I think I’m definitely now converted to Ammo Ultra Glue instead.

This was mine, after I did a couple of Armorama reviews of two of these kits a few years back.


@Erik67, thanks for the kind words. I hope to see more of your 1/72 diorama in the future.

@FirstCircle, thanks for the compliments. I found more pictures of your M1114 on the archive site. Excellent paint job. I like the tonal color variations on the model as well as the weathering. I just picked up a bottle of bsi IC-2000 before I learned about Ammo Ultra Glue. I will post feedback after using it.

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