T-Model SSyms Flatcar

This is my first campaign and also using the new system so I hope I am doing it right…

Let me introduce the model I will build, T-Model SSyms heavy plattformwagen at 1/35:

Eventually it will be posted also as a review, as I got it from T-Model for that purpose.

The box is compact and is filled with a good amount of sprues:

This edition comes with a printed wooden deck, and has parts for building either the early or late versions.

Next post, starting with the bogies.

Note: I am no expert on railway stuff, so feel free to comment any mistake you see on the model or my text!


I’ll definitely be watching this one! How are you getting along?

Thanks David :slight_smile:

As said, building starts with the bogies and there is not any big deal here. Just a tiny photoetch part that should be on top of the axis covers is not included. Despite being listed on the instructions, they are not on the photoetch fret.

It was not difficult to replace it with a strap of photoetch leftover cut to size.

All parts here fit nicely and other than cleaning the mold seams, it was quite easy to build.


Deck done. Took a little work to remove some parts on each side plate and ensure there was no mistake…

There is an option for an early version, with different deck at the ends, but I have left it with the later one. In any case, you have to drill the holes for the poles:

The underside is empty, my version of the kit had the photoetch beams but this time I decided to leave them off (already used them for the SSys). Nothing can be seen when done.

Ready to add the different accessories around it


And this is with all details added, so the building phase is done:


After some time, the deck is almost done and sides have the base colour and basic dust:


Wow where was this hiding?? Loving the nonchalance Carlos, “the deck is almost done”…gimme a break!! That timber looks superb, I’d commit serious felonies to get that effect! Awesome :+1: :+1: :+1: :tumbler_glass:

Love the T-model railcars they’re very great kits and easy to assemble!

Yes Carlos excellent job! This one flew under my radar too lol. Great job on the deck !
I have the Sabre model 80 ton flat car; I’m told that some of these soldiered on into the 90s and I’m sure we used them in Germany in 85-87 to transport our vehicles to from exercises and ranges all over Germany. I’d like to make it with an M60A1 loaded on it but we’ll see……

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Thanks for your comments!

@Dioramartin it has been quite easy, I am surprised how good it looks with just 3-4 sessions and simple techniques. The kit’s fine wooden texture has helped, no doubt

@Gregory_J_Copplin , agree, they are very nice and easy/quick to build

@metalhead85 Sabre SSyms is more detailed but needs more work as well, smaller parts and higher part count. I have heard also about these old flatcars used during the 90s. It would look great with an M60 or similar, but you will need to research the markings, and prepare new decals.


Yes that’s the problem; does anyone know of modern markings for these cars in 1/35 scale?

Bogies ready, did not want to go with much weathering here as they move on rails. And the upper part of the wheels is going to be hidden so I did not bother working on them.

What do you think?

@metalhead85 sorry I have no idea who could make those markings… if any


No problem Carlos thanks anyway! Those trucks look excellent. Really great job. What did you do to weather them ?

Very nice job

Peddinghaus does a set of Bundeswehr markings: Peddinghaus Decals - Peddinghaus-Decals 1:35 1390 Bundesbahn railflatbed for Leopard tanks

Excellent Tom ! Thank you so much that’s what I was looking for. Didn’t think to check peddinghaus, I forgot about them. Now I just have to start building everything lol

Not a problem! I’ve got a set waiting for a flatcar to put them on, but it’s been on my to-do list for half a decade so far…

Well, I think this is done. Comments welcome!


Well done, only the bumpers need some extra work. They are usually covered in the centre by a sort gunky grease.

Now that’s interesting; within my stash and identified some considerable time ago, I acquired the Dragon Schwerer Platform SSys kit; I was hoping to use it to portray some Soviet T-80s arriving in the DDR. Presumably/conceivably this could have been the case?