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More 3D printed items from T-Rex Studio, including US modern antenna bases and German nuts (butterfly and triangular)

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Nice to see them expanding the range even more.
From a personal standpoint I would rather use say a 3D printed tool bracket than a PE one.
I asked T-Rex if they would consider doing 1/35 scale 3D printed buckets and had a very positive reply, so it looks like they listen to the customers as well which is always a good sign.

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Will have to grab some antenna bases.

nice sockets. If you want to create the flex you desire, this might be a technique to achieve it:

Cheers Michael

Does anybody know where to buy these online that will ship to the US? I love to buy some of their items but have found them really hard to find.

M&M carries a selection, I would think they would have these at some point. Could contact them about when.

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I have got some from here before:

AFAIK they ship worldwide. There postage rates are reasonable considering the distance I paid just over £3 for sending one set.

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I wish I had those antenna bases for my Stryker. … I may be getting some of they are out soon as I have 1 M1 on the go and the A2 SEP ver2 in the wings waiting to go

John what kit have you got for your Abrams?
I have not made any American armour yet and fancied a modern MBT.
This looks good but AFAIK not available in the UK.

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I am in the process of doing the Tamiya MIA1 mine plough for the ODS group build. it was recommended by a few of the knowledgeable guys from across the pond as being pretty much ok for that time period.

That VOIIO looks nice but not sure on the price. The kit parts look good, and you get the antislip already on by the looks of it, I cant remember if the RFM has that, but I have a spray for that which I used on the M1A1 and it looks great. I got my RFM for £35 which was pretty good.

I then went on to get the RFM M1A2 SEP V2 from evil bay, for a pretty good price to be honest. The kit itself looks very nice and very well detailed and it gives you 3 variations to build, standard gun tank, and a couple of variants fitted with exercise simulation kit.
not being an expert, but I would seriously consider having a look at that one.
:+1: :+1:

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Thanks John.