T-Rex Studios T158 3D printed tracks quality?


Just wondering if anyone has built it and can share his opinion. Is it really absolutely clean-up free?

I do not mind if it is fiddly to put together.

Also which one should be used for an M1A1 AIM?

Thank you.

I tried to build the T156 set and gave up. The detail is fine, but over engineered and poor fit.
Those would be correct for an M1 AIM

I also tried to put together the T156 set and failed. After 90 minutes of frustrating work I has three pads together, and as I tired to put on the fourth, it all fell apart.

They look great but simply are difficult to assemble. The end connecters are tiny and difficult to handle to. And, the pins are slightly too long so there will be a gap between the connector and pad, and they will move back and forth.

These are expensive, you are better off buying a kit with link and length T158 tracks and scavaging those.

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Thank you both for saving me a few bucks. Gonna stick with Def/Bronco. Cheers.

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Try Meng s Tracks, very nice Details and great fit and even holes already drilled in track connectors