T-Rex Stug III Sprockets?

Hey there, I am looking for some replacement drive sprockets for a Tamiya Stug III Ausf. B (1:35).

I have some 38cm aftermarket tracks, but he Tamiya kit sprockets are for 40cm tracks, so they don’t play together unfortunately!

I see T-Rex offers some drive sprockets as below, but im not sure what track widths these would suit? Does anyone know what track width the below would work width?

Many thanks in advance!

35007-2 1/35 StugIII Sprocket Set (Early Version) for TAMIYA-T-Rex Studio (t-rex-studio.com)

I understand that if they are intended to replace Tamiya sprocket, they should be the same width as the original ones… Otherwise they should warn you to get also different tracks.

But I do not know for sure.

I suspect the T-rex sprocket is a direct replacement for the kit sprocket which is the later version for the 40cm tracks. Friulmodel do an early sprocket for the Stug IIIB (36cm tracks). Not sure how easy they will be to find.