T29 Heavy Tank from Takom | Armorama™

Takom released box art image of their upcoming kit.

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For those who, like me, are curious about the differences between the T29 and the T29E3 (previously released by Takom): Heavy Tank T29 - Tank Encyclopedia

Thank heavens, I need that muzzle break and the Hobby Boss one is lacking. I don’t particularly care for the range finders on the -E3 so having the better quality Takom version of the basic T29 is welcome.

Surprise …

Takom also have the T30/T34 as a 2-in-1 boxing:

Hobby Boss did indeed release a series of these T-tanks:

I’m in addict, I have all of those kits save Hobby Boss’s T29E3

You too huh?

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Just shows that everyone has a different aesthetic. I prefer the range finders. I like how they break up the lines of the turret and give it some character. I am glad they are making the straight T29 to cater for all tastes :+1: