T29E4 Heavy Tank - Hobbyboss 1/35

This is a build that I have been working on and off for quite some time. It is ready for weathering.

I used the HobbyBoss kit of the T29E1 and changed the engine deck (M48A5 Academy kit), added some extras (mainly Dragon spares) and a Slingshot Chrysler cupola. The bustle rack is from a Tamiya M60A1 kit I had for spare parts (it was one of the early M60 releases from Tamiya with the motorization holes and all the horrible details).

My intention was to do a late '50s early '60s heavy tank in service with the US Army. Some details like the searchlight might be of later era or some very early ('40s era) like the .30 cal mounts.

I am a bit stuck at the moment regarding stowage and other details. I want to do a light weathering, mainly dust and some streaks and avoid going for muddy or damaged looks.

Any comments, suggestions and feedback are always welcome.


Interesting look!
Love all the MGs.