I was stunned by movies were a T34 was converted into Tigers that I converted it myself.
Hope you like it.
(The first foto is the original of were I made my model off)
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Sorry guys.
Due to my own fault the original foto was between the others.
New foto’s added. This time the original is the one with text.


That is very Kewl! Excellent work and an outstanding result! I can see this rusting away in the back lot after filming Saving Private Ryan.


Very cleverly done and a great concept to begin with. The rust effect on all parts is superbly done and totally realistic… Great modelling and great build :+1:

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Very nice. a unique “conversion.” :+1: :+1:

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Must be the one Oddball bought off the germans. Even Moriarty the “mechanical genius” couldn’t keep it running! Wayne

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