T55 Vignette

Decided to keep it simple with this one. Nothing over the top.

Thanks for having a look. Any advice welcome.


Greta job Werner. Looks really good. How did you do the cracked earth. It has a very African feel to it.

Thanks. Before priming I used Games Workshop Martian Ironearth. Then the useual desert colors, drybrushing and pigments.

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Pretty nice little diorama! :+1:

The T-55 is out of the box?

Not too sure what you mean. I glued parts and painted it. I have a few shots of the painting.

After priming black I always drybrush with silver before the hairspray layer. I’m sure the rest is self explanitory. Thanks for the compliment.

Usually refers to no added aftermarket items not included in the box. Some kits have a metal barrel included and if used is still out of box. If you switch to another metal barrel, it’s no longer out of box.


Overall I think it’s a very nice vignette. For me as I don’t think it is technically wrong but tree feels to big for the scene. It’s the first thing that grabbed my eye.

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I wonder about the kit. Manufactor and so on. The little T is not of common configuration, at least I’m aware of.

BTW. nice in progress pics.

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Wondering the same thing, was the ERA and what looks to be a snorkel included in the kit ?

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