T72 Indian Army color power

Indian Army have a very colorful tanks, with sometimes complicated scheme…too complicated
I’m starting with Tamiya with Dragon wheels


What color scheme are you going to use?

I am eagerly waiting for your choice of color scheme… All the best :+1:

Various examples:

A hell of a masking job…

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no it’s more simple 3 tone color…

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tree half drum… it’s an particular feature of Indian T-72

it’is in finishing.
some detail need a touch of paint but the overall scheme is clear

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tank is finished, comments are welcome!


Very interesting painting scheme. I am a bit jealous how unique subject you made in this build!

May I share two comments? As it is a Tamiya kit, theleft side front box hinges etc could have been changed as those should be on the opposite side than all others on the fender (it is a known Tamiya issue). It might be too late to correct on the plastic so you could cover that detail with a tarp or camo net etc…
The other comment is about the different shine on different colors. It looks quite shiny on that funny green and much less on the dark drab(ish) parts. I might be mistaken and it is due to the photo but it does look like tthis.


thank you for the reply
please sign me where is the wrong hinges…I don’t found,
about the color I can post you the picture and the gunze code if you are interested


You can see here. If you would sit in the turret and looking forward, the left side fender front (first) box hinges are facing to the right side (to the driver’s hatch), the others to the left side (outside of the tank).

T-72 fender boxes

This was overlooked by Tamiya.

thank you!
I will decide if change the box position hinges or to do not destroy everything to attept to do it…

Thanks for pointing out @Agriamodeling

Here is another picture…

@smolensk Nice build. We always learn something new in each build. Have a great day :+1: