Tags - Plz note that they are user generated

Every post can have multiple tags. Much like the WoWonder software I tried before. But this is better executed and scales 1:35, etc. work as tags. There are tag result pages so people can see every post with x tag.

The tags appear right next to the category above. This post has 1:35 and kitty-hawk as tags.

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Is it possible to go back and add tags to a post that is already started?

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For now you would need to ask as moderator to do that. While you can add tags on the initial creation of new topics, only moderators or regulars (users who have reached trust level 3) can update topic names, recategorize or add tags. I think they also may be the only ones (and admins) who can create new tags for use. Not sure about that though. I haven’t tested it.

Ah Jim, that is bad ass regulars. The verbiage change was approved a few days ago. :sunglasses:

And how do you even know what trust level you are at?

Click on your name in the post above. Then hit expand. Right over your email you should see a trust level.


This topic explains how they work and what triggers level advancement.