"Take'em Down!"

This is a re-make of a previous diorama, together with vehicles from another diorama added to the mix. There is also a newer vehicle added to the diorama to give it more flavor. The reason for this new diorama mixed with the old, is because, the previous one got destroyed. So I came up with this one, to make up for the destroyed one. This includes some new additions and modifications to older models, to breath new life into the previous and existing models. I still want to add more rumble, like concrete bricks, which I do not have on hand. I’ve added another figure and added newer details and some of the older vehicles. So far, I’m pleased. Now, I’ll make sure my wife’s nephew can’t get to it.


I like it! Very imaginative and full of action!

Your dioramas are always packed with stuff, but for me it does not seem over the top. Well done!


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Very nice work- the wrecked and burned vehicles have great shades and look excellent against the more vibrant truck and forklift. The figures are nicely situated too, so you kind of follow them around the dio. Dynamic poses too finished with great detail.

You could always add some rubble sort of in and out of the truck bed. Also, if the two burned out vehicles were on the road while they burned then the road around them would be very dark and charred. Just my two cents.

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Thank you Mario. Appreciate it.

Thank you for the tip. I am trying to scrap some charred ashes from the fireplace. Will fix that soon. I still waiting to order some concrete blocks.

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Another excellent action scene Charles, I can’t stop burrowing into it for ever more details – how did you do the windscreen? From one wrecker to another, agree about the blackening & maybe something nasty/yucky in the cargo tray? Brilliant work :tumbler_glass:

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Thank you. The windshield was replaced with a mobile phone screen protector. The glass one, not the plastic version.

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