Taking a Break

Something else for you to take a look at and hopefully, enjoy.

Late in the war, a pair of Easy-Eights are taking a break, in some German town. One of them is older (“Porky II”) and well worn, while the other is relatively new to the battlefield.

Pic 1

This diorama actually came about because Hobby Lobby offers the nice Tamya kits at a very good price (if you apply their 40% discount coupon), And I liked the idea of doing two of the same kit, giving them two different personalities. Compared to German armor, painting US Army vehicles can be boring – all that olive drab - but it wears so unevenly, and is always so dirty, it’s easy to work with very different shades, for variety.

I played a lot with mud, dirt, dust and grime, on those two Shermans, Mostly GW Citadel, pigments and Artist’s oils. They look Okay to me…

The Tamiya M4A3E8 kit is relatively new, and really nice. Although I probably should have replaced the rubber-band tracks with after markets. I rejected that idea because it would have taken two sets, and that’s expensive…

I also really wanted to paint some of the Alpine US Tankers. So, the standing figures are from Alpine, and the guys half-in the hatches, goofing off and exchanging insults, are from the various plastic manufacturers, with heads from Hornet.

The all-important rear-deck stowage are sets from Value Gear. Note the stenciling on the boxes – my number one ‘pet-peeve’.

The timber-frame building(s) are scratch built – a project in their own right. The stucco is actually tile grout and the wood, real wood, cut and worked to size. I used my craft CNC cutter (sold more for stencil cutting) to manufacture the window frames.

The roadway and the stone-block wall are plastic sheets from Model Builders Supply – Check them out.

I debated how best stage the scene. Here are a couple of my early tests. Did I pick the right arrangement?

As always. Opinions, questions and suggestions are welcome.



Really nicely done Ralph. I like the layout with how they are. Parallel to the buildings. Gives it the quick stop for coffee break and plan the next move feeling. Figures look very good, the animation of the hull crews movement makes it more real and the standing troops add to the realism.
You did a fantastic job with the buildings, they look like kit ones the detailing is so nice. Great finish and great work :+1::+1:

Nicely done Sir!

Excellent, excellent & excellent! Love it! I guess I just wish for a bit more of a story…some girls peeking out of a top window say, or throwing flowers? A dog doing what dogs do? Elderly civilian bustling past as though nothing unusual was happening? :tumbler_glass:

Nicely done. Excellent figure painting and great base and tanks.
I tend to agree with @dioramartin in that maybe some other source of visual interest could be added. Since your figure painting skills are so good I would go with several civilians gawking at the equipment of the new liberators.


Now that I like; excellent modelling and composition - no warfighting just natural stuff. 'Love it - simply outstanding.

Really good looking scene! Buildings, tanks, figures, all beautiful!
It makes me wonder what those guys on the front tank are looking at…

Very nicely done, indeed!

A peaceful scene in the middle of war, an excellent diorama with good art work. I love the scene, and the composition of tanks and men.
You said that it is set in Germany, but on the building it is written “Rue…” a French word. It could be in one of those small quaint towns of Alsace…

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Good Catch Gil, I never did settle on an exact location, when I put this one together, Alssce would be a good spot Thanks

You guys are right. some civilians in awe over the armor would have been a nice add. And I think having the crews ignoring them, would have also been about right, too.
Thanks for the comments - to everyone.

Nice. I particularly like your painting of the figures…

I disagree - sometimes less is more - and I think this is one of those times! The story is still evident and to my mind doesn’t need anything else. Absolutely cracking set-up.

Nice build man , excellent work on all fronts !!