Takom 1/16 Type 94 Tank with interior

I find Takom 1/16 Type 94 an interesting kit. Just about all hatches open and you can see the inside very easily, especially at this scale. Takom never released an interior or a version with one though. Not really their thing I suppose. I thought maybe some one would create one, but no. So I bought a 3D printer and got a CAD program online and started on one. Have everything in place. Not all is cemented in place yet, for ease of painting, but it should convey the idea. Maybe a little ambitious? I don’t know, but it was fun and I learned quite a bit. So am I crazy?

It was some work. The idea is to have the tank slightly destroyed and abandoned. An idea with it close up, but doors open.

Next will be painting of the interior. I already have an idea for the next project and I’m not even finished here. The Zvezda STZ-5 is perfect to start to make the Odessa tank.


Wow that looks excellent so far Mike. So you just up and decided to start 3d printing some parts ? Lol very brave and you obviously know what you’re doing. Great job!

Looks great so far, very ambitious and well done, looking forward to seeing the finished product!

There was a learning curve for sure. I got a portable drafting board, Digital Angle Finder Protractor and a Digital Micrometer Caliper Tool to help with the next projects. Thanks for the comment.

Yea, my wife just shook her head. My dad was amazed at the technology although. I hope it all comes together. Thanks for looking.

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Wait! That’s a secret sign of approval!


I was disappointed that Takom didn’t include a basic turret interior for their PzIB. Not even the receiver groups on the MGs.

Great work, man!!!

Thanks for commenting. I agree, Takom missed some opportunities. Maybe they will see these post and start to offer some basic interiors and accessories.

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