Takom 1/35 Early Production M3 Comrade General Lee

This is my completion of a kit started by a man who died before he could finish it. That was something of a habit for this guy to start a kit, get to some point, lose interest, then start another kit. He had scores of kits like this, ranging from barely started to nearly completed. This one fell into the later category, being roughly 90% complete, just needing the tracks, OVM tools, headlight lenses, and an antenna added, and some broken off grab handles replaced…. and then redoing the finish. AZ AMPS members bought up a bunch of this guys kits, and several of us finished up some of them to send them as a tribute collection at IPMS Nationals in a few weeks. I finished this Takom M3 Lee for my contribution to this task.

I don’t think this one will win any prizes, but it is a great addition to my 1/35 Red Army tank fleet…


I am the same as the deceased member. Can’t remember when I last completed a kit.


We need to get you to a doctor… :wink:


That’s a great looking M3 Lee in USSR service! Well done wrapping the build and fantastic background story.


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Top work. Oh I just remembered I have this kit unfinished aswell, should get it finished… Oh wait, its not a Lee, Its a Grant, so all good, back into the pyle it goes…

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Well, if you want to get rid of it, I know a guy… :wink:

Thanks guys for your replies on this. I know it’s kind of a gray area to finish somebody else’s starts. But I figure that if I give credit where credit is due…


We had a club member did that. The Lee looks great. Will you be at Nationals too?

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That Lee came excellent Stik. Really great finish

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Well, with all the info on the Grant Barn Find thread, you can always build it as a (fictitious) pre-restoration item, with a tree growing through it… Useful if there are bits missing, and you dont have to mess about with tracks.



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@Tank_1812, Ryan, I won’t be going to Nationals this year. Plans keep changing here… hopefully next year.

@metalhead85, thanks Richard. I’m happy with the final result.


I get that. I will be there this year. I will look for the display. :+1:


AZ AMPS is putting it on. I know that there is a 1/16 Africa early Tiger I and 1/16 Norway campaign Panzer IB also part of the display. I’m not sure what else we have going from the other guys in the club.


Final report on our entry at the Nationals, we took third place in the Chapter/Group Entry category

The photo and bio for the dedication of our project is on the center.