Takom 1:35 VT 1-2

I know, I know, another tangent whilst I’ve still my M114 to finish off; I bought this at the recent IPMS Belgium annual show reported on elsewhere (under “Events & Shows” funnily enough). It was a spontaneous buy and I just could not resist it.

I’ve been tinkering with it this last week or so and have gotten quite far along - well, for me that is. See pics below:

My usual method of adding model railway flock to represent the build-up of mud and clag on the suspension. Incidentally, on the sprues there are an extra 2 wheel stations, and as this vehicle utilised the Kpz 70 suspension, I can only assume that Takom have one in the pipeline, or it’s US counterpart, MBT 70 (which is Sod’s Law with my 3 x Commander Models resin versions in my stash).

A bit more tinkering to assess the size; it’s huge:

Is it just me or does it look like - sans the armament - it would make a decent basis for a “What-If” ARV, for say, well, Kpz 70?

I need to install the Driver before I proceed any further so there’ll be a pause. The crew will be from Valkyrie:

which will fit the time frame admirably, and I’ve a couple of sets of these.


Oh please, oh please, oh please… :pray:t3:

That’s a killer looking vehicle and a great start Boots. :+1:t3:


I see more of a combat engineering vehicle with bucket arms in place of the cannons. I like the way you think, though !

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Looking good Brian… It certainly has a very Sci Fi look to it … Will be good watching it build up.

Looks great Brian! It does have a sci-fi look to it with those two bugs cannons on each side. And that Valkyrie crew looks great as well. Can’t wait to see it finished.

Thanks all - feel free to hold my feet to the fire if I slacken off; that said, attendance at the Belgian show did what was intended and restoked my modelling morale.

So, tomorrow, work on the figures - I’ll probably do all 3 not just the Driver.

I would say that an MBT 70 from Takom is a safe bet. Just look at all the experimental tank releases from Takom thus far.
And I know, I know, I want one too!


I always liked this vehicle- it has a very unique look. The detail on it looks excellent.

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Straight out of some Gundam Anime series I’d say…


I do hope so… the US version this time please! I have the Dragon Bundeswehr kit already…


The Valkyrie Driver figure I found is too shallow to adequately fill his hatch so I’ve had to use another figure from a duplicate set and adapt/mutilate him accordingly. I’ve added some mods and cabling before a coat of primer:

In primer; I may have to add a bit more of the left arm to my Driver figure - it was positioned in the wrong direction so I removed it, and now realise that such an amputation my be visible from above. I’ll see what I can do with wire and Milliput.


'Managed to effect a repair to the missing limb on the Driver, not that I’m any sort of sculptor, but it should suffice:

and to prove the idea I carried out a check to see what he would look like from above - roughly:

Once he’s painted and installed I can get back to the build.

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